IDEA House Renovation!

Aizpute's “IDEA House” is going through a major renovation supported by the “IDEA teaHouse” project in cooperation with the Aizpute Municipality. Aging windows, doors, and electrical wiring are being replaced along with the creation of a new outdoor terrace and a brand new kitchen, all meant to develop and improve the youth designed and implemented “IDEA teaHouse.”

Alongside the construction company „AD Būve“ professionals, local youth are taking up tools and paint brushes to do some improvements of their own. WIth paint donated by „AD Būve“ local youth are giving their house a facelift. “Since most of my free time is spent at IDEA House, it is great to actually participate in creating a place that is comfortable to hang out in. Last year, we learned a lot of practical things about remodeling, repair, and painting when working on the teaHouse, which we can now use. This is also a good way to stay active during these days off from school,” said Toms Pirtnieks a local youth from Aizpute.

The “IDEA teaHouse” is meant to be a place where young people can meet and taste homemade hot and cold drinks and snacks, as well as participate in educational and cultural activities while spending meaningful and drug free time with peers.

Work on the “IDEA teaHouse” began back in 2010 when youth worked to design and conceptualize what their youth tea house would look like. Aizpute residence donated chairs and young people themselves took time to create a uniform design utilizing old newspapers and a vintage look to teaHouse rooms with art donated by Latvian artists. The Taipei Mission last Spring provided support to purchase basic kitchen appliance and cookware for the “IDEA teaHouse.”

“The 'IDEA teaHouse' project is a unique Latvian youth project because the local youth themselves are are fully involved in developing and implementing the initiative. By taking part in creating the teaHouse through organized voluntary work, young people are able to acquire valuable life and practical skills,” said IDEA House manager Ance Kvasnikova.

The “IDEA teaHouse” project has received 13,000 LVL of support from the Aizpute Municipality with 9,000 LVL in co-funding coming from the European Union's Rural European Fund for Rural Development. The funds themselves are being administered by the Lauku atbalsta dienests and the Liepājas rajona partnerība.

For further information contact:

Ance Kvasnikova
IDEA House Manager