Nature, Sport and Travel Youth Centre Piispala is located in Central Finland, in the small municipality of Kannonkoski by the lake Kivijärvi. The nearest bigger city is Jyväskylä, 100 km from Piispala. Kannonkoski centre is about 6 km from Piispala. The slogan “Piece of Peace” describes Piispala excellently as it is a safe and memorable environment.

Piispala is one of Finland’s national network of youth centres operating under the legislation covering youth work and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture. As a youth centre with the main focus on preventive youth work, Piispala is specialized and well equipped in physical education, adventure, handcraft and environmental education. During the school year our biggest client group are school classes of 12-13 year-old youth that come to Piispala for camp schools. The volunteer(s) will work mainly with these groups.

The volunteer(s) will be accommodated in Piispala staff accommodation in a room for two persons. The room is furnished and the staff hostel has a common living room and showers. The number of people living in the staff hostel varies between 1 and 10 during the year.

Meals are served in Piispala dining hall; the volunteer has the possibility to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Piispala.

The daily working hours vary according to the situation, the basic length being 7,5 hours between 08.00-17.00 on Monday-Friday. The weekly working time is approx. 37,5 hours. There are two days off per week that are mostly the weekends, however, during some events there might be work during the weekend as well. The volunteer gains two days of holiday per month. Piispala is a non-smoking working community, which means that during the work day smoking is not allowed.

During his/her leisure time, the volunteer has a possibility to use Piispala equipment and facilities, such as sauna, swimming pool etc. according to the booking situation and opening hours. The volunteer is encouraged to take part in weekly staff gymnastics and other common events. In Kannonkoski centre there is a supermarket, a library, bank and a health station among other services. The volunteer may use the Piispala bicycle to reach Kannonkoski centre (6 km); also many of Piispala staff members commute from the centre, so rides can be arranged. The bus connections to/from Piispala are poor, approximately once per day, but sometimes further rides can be arranged with the groups coming to/from Piispala.

Piispala will encourage the volunteer to profit the EVS period to learn some Finnish. Unfortunately there are no Finnish courses available in the nearby evening schools, but our staff is happy to support the learning of Finnish in practice and our current EVS has participated an intensive Finnish course at the nearest university in Jyväskylä.

We look for volunteers to actively participate in the instruction of the different activities we offer to the groups of youth and also families that visit us. The tasks will be planned more in detail according to the volunteer’s interests and capacities, but our main aim is to offer the Finnish youth coming Piispala a possibility to interact interculturally, to learn about a different culture and reduce possible prejudices.

General overview of the work tasks:

  • Ÿassisting in the activity instruction of different youth groups, such as camp schools and camps
  • Ÿin case the volunteer expresses interest in designing cultural contents for youth, she/he will be encouraged in this work
  • Ÿaccording to the wishes and interests of the volunteer, it is also possible to contribute to the daily work of Piispala for example in the teams of maintenance and cleaning

The volunteer will learn and develop the skills in youth work and instruction of groups, gets to know youth work in Finland, and gets to learn about nonformal education. She/he will be able to get to know all the aspects of the work in Piispala. The role of the volunteer will be important in terms of internationalisation of Piispala and it may also be important in the life experience of the people, younger and older that the volunteer encounters during the Service.


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